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Fingerprint Attendane

The A-C091, 101 fingerprint time and attendance system is popular on European markets. It is favored by the local customers there because of its compact body, acrylic front cover, black and silver housing and streamlined design. The rear housing gains an utmost smoothness from the rubber paint process.

The device is a standalone fingerprint time clock. When collecting time and attendance information, it is able to work independently from PC connection. It has 8 function keys designed to facilitate an easy operation. By using the world most advanced fingerprint algorithm, this fingerprint time and attendance system has its recognition capability significantly improved. The recognition only takes less than one second.


  • 1. Acrylic front cover, serving as a solid protection to the device from damages.
  • 2. Administrator settings to edit, add and delete attendance records.
  • 3. Audio-visual indications for valid and invalid validations.
  • 4. Employee authentication methods: fingerprint, ID card or password.
  • 5. User can configure the message notification to mobile phone and define other display.
  • 6. Big capacity to store 3,000 fingerprint templates and 100,000 attendance records on the built-in memory.
  • 7. Easy download of attendance records to a PC using a USB memory flash.
  • 8. TCP/IP, USB memory disk and USB cable connection.
  • 9. Ability to work independently without a computer; auto-save of all attendance records.
  • 10. LAN and WAN network connection available.
  • 11. Real-time push of attendance records to connected software via Ethernet.
  • 12. SDK available for OEM software development.
  • 13. LCD menu that supports English, Spanish, Arabic, German and other customized languages.